Penndot Adopt A Highway

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Need Help? For assistance contact your local AAH County Coordinator.
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Your Group Information

Adopt-A-Highway Sign Design

  • Enter the name of your group, as you want it to appear on the highway adoption sign.
  • Enter only the name of an organization, a business or a person. A business name must be preceded by 'Friends of' or 'Employees of'.
  • Logos, slogans, dates, telephone numbers, Internet addresses, etc. are not permitted on signs.
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Primary Contact

Choose Your Roadways

For visual assistance in selecting a roadway please visit the PennDOT Video Log.

  • Utilize the provided drop down lists or click on a road on the map to make a roadway selection based on segment. Once a roadway is selected, click on the Select button to the right of the drop down lists.
  • Hover over any roadway with the mouse pointer to aid in determining segment information; an information window will appear for the roadway under the mouse pointer.
  • State Routes will populate with roads from the selected county above. A separate application is needed per county of participation.
  • Supply up to 3 Roadway choices with information such as state route, road name, intersecting roads, or addresses.
  • The top corners of the map are reserved areas; when clicking on a roadway to select it, make sure the roadways is not near the top corners in order for the selection to register.
  • Both sides of a divided highway must be added as separate roadways. (Even numbered segments are northbound or eastbound; Odd numbered segments are southbound or westbound)
  • Provide as much information as possible. Your Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator will contact you, if necessary, and assist with the final roadway selection.

Interactive Map

Roadway Choices

None Selected - Choose roads using the dropdowns above.