Penndot Adopt A Highway

Request Supplies, Report a trash collection and apply for the Adopt A Highway Program

Adopt A Highway Website FAQ

This page offers quick questions and answers on how to use this site.

General Questions

You may contact your local Adopt A Highway county coordinator by phone at your County's PennDOT Maintenance Office.

Questions About the Application Process

Your group name should be the name of an organization, a business or a person. A business name must be preceded by 'Friends of' or 'Employees of'.<br />Logos, slogans, dates, telephone numbers, Internet addresses, etc. are not permitted on signs.
The sign contains 2 lines, each having 26 characters, maximum.
In addition to volunteering to clean up litter, Adopt and Beautify particpants volunteer to plant new vegitation in prescribed areas.
The first thing you need to do is immediately go checkyour email. The system will send you an email to verify that your email address is correct, you must click the link provided in the email for your application to move on to the approval phase.
It should take 1-3 business days for the area you have chosen to adopt to be approved as a safe location to pick up litter. once it is approved you will recieve another email containing a welcome letter.

Questions About Requesting Supplies

PennDOT provides each person a pair of gloves (large or medium), a safety vest, and a quantity of trash bags for the group.
You should request supplies at least 3 - 7 days before your scheduled event, to allow time for your supplies request to be processed.
Pressing the lookup button will allow you to enter the last name, last 4 digits of registered primary telephone number, and zip code of the group leader, to retrieve your agreement number.
Complete the supply request process and uncheck the box for any/all supplies you do not need.

Questions About Reporting Litter Collection Results

The confirmation number allows PennDOT to track performance metrics related to supplies issued and litter cleanup results reported. This data primarily allows us to ensure accountability that litter collection results are reported back to PennDOT.
Volume of litter collected that is reported back to PennDOT this year provides data for estimating the amount supplies needed for next years litter cleanup program. Unreported litter collections can result in the program being underfunded or supplies running out prematurely.
Complete the supply request process and uncheck the box for any/all suppplies you do not need.
In addition to providing data metrics, the confirmation number process alerts PennDOT and PA State Police that volunteers are scheduled to be picking up litter roadside for increased safety measures to be implemented if necessary.
The name of the group, the size of the group expected to be collecting litter, the location of where the group expected to be picking up litter, and the date the litter pickup is supposed to occur. No personally identifiable information is given to the State Police about the group leader or any person involved in the litter pickup event.

Questions About Renewing/Editing My Contact Information

Contact your Adopt A Highway Coordinator and your local County PennDOT Maintenance Office. Your group can reinstated up to 60 days after your expiration.

Questions About Editing Contact Info

Use the link to the left titled, Edit Contact Information. If you modify your email address, you will need to verify it again as you did when you applied. (click the link provided in the email sent to your new email address)